Automatic Shoe covers dispenser



Net weight: 22.8 kg
Gross weight: 28.4 kg
Display: backlit with controls
Footboard: movable
Handle: detachable
Parts: PVC film case, ultra-resistant polycarbonate case, feet and back wheels in non-slip rubber
Film delivering time: 3/5 s
Film shaping time: 2/3 s
Stanby power: 75W
Switch on time: approximately 60 s
Start preheating time: 3 min
Design useful life: 300,00 times
Dimension of machine: 72 cm x 44.5 cm x 38 cm
Operating voltage: 220V
Maximum power: 1300W

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This automatic shoe covers dispenser can solve the problem of changing shoes or wearing shoe covers by hand when people enter into clean area.

People just need to press the footboard and a PVC film shoe covers will wrap shoes automatically. It only takes about 3 seconds. People no need to bend down anymore. No need to wash hands. And it only takes 30 seconds to replace the brand new PVC film.

The shoe cover capacity for this model is 1000pcs, that means one PVC film roll can be made into 1000pcs shoe cover. This model can be used in hospital, laboratory, clinic, industry, education sisytem, fitness centre, etc.